Study manual

The study manual explains how you can set-up your own placebo control, we call this process ‘self-blinding’. The manual has 2 versions:


- manual for blotter psychedelics (e.g. LSD, 1p-LSD, etc. with either volumetric dosing or cutting blotters)

- manual for plant psychedelics (e.g. magic mushroom)

You can also watch the video below that goes through the same steps as the manual. We gratefully acknowledge the video as the contribution of Greg_5656.

The video shows the setup with a blotter psychedelic, there are minor differences at step 3 if you use mushrooms or volumetric dosing. Briefly, in the case of mushrooms, the placebo capsules need to be filled with an equal weight of a non-psychoactive substance, while for volumetric dosing, plastic vials must be used instead of capsules. Please see the respective manuals for details.

The video goes through the setup process accurately, nonetheless, we recommend that you watch it with the manual in hand and follow along. Furthermore section IV, ‘Starting and participating in the study', is not covered by the video, please read that before starting the study.