Study manual

The study manual explains how you can set-up your own placebo control, we call this process ‘self-blinding’. The manual has 2 versions:


- manual for blotter psychedelics (e.g. LSD, 1p-LSD, AL-LAD,  etc)

- manual for plant psychedelics (e.g. magic mushroom)


The two manuals only differ at Step 3, when the capsules are prepared, but otherwise the setup process is identical.


You can also watch the video below that goes through the same steps as the manual. We gratefully acknowledge the video as the contribution of Greg_5656. The video sets up the study with a blotter psychedelic, see Step 3 in the manual for information how to use plant based psychedelic or volumetric dosing (liquid solutions are covered in the blotter based version of the manual). The video goes through the setup process accurately, nonetheless, we recommend that you also read through the manual. Specifically, Section IV, ‘Starting and participating in the study', is not covered in the video.


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