Participant information sheet


Please read and understand the information on this page before you sign up to participate. You can download the study manual from here, this document explains how you need to set up the study. The link to enroll in the study can be found at bottom of this page.


This project is being run by an international group of scientists at Imperial College London who are experienced in conducting trials with psychedelic substances. The study is led by Dr. David Erritzoe, MRCPsych, PhD, and the aim of the study is to collect data on microdosing.


The unique component of this study is that we developed a procedure how self experimenters can implement placebo control. We call this a ‘self-blinding’ study design. This self-blinding process will allow us to investigate whether microdosers feel benefits due to the placebo effect or because of the pharmacological action of the microdose, significantly boosting the scientific merit of the study. You are invited to participate in this study if you use psychedelics and satisfy the criteria listed below.


Please take time to understand the experimental nature of microdosing and the associated risks. Psychedelics are illegal substances, their possession and use is forbidden by the law in most countries, please consider all risks involved. The authors decline all responsibility.


This study is not intended to encourage microdosing and THE STUDY TEAM WILL NOT BE PROVIDING PSYCHEDELICS. The intention of the researchers is rather to engage people who already use psychedelics on their own initiative and to make their self experimentation scientifically meaningful.


To take part in the study, you must:

• be at least 18 years old of age

• have a good understanding of English

• have used psychedelics before (either microdosing or other ways)

• not have been using any psychedelics (including microdosing) for at least a week prior to starting

• be willing follow our set-up manual

• provide us with a correct email address.


Participating in this study will require some time and effort. First, you must set up the experiment according to our manual. This step ensures the self-blinding component of the study. For this setup you will also have to purchase a few items (gel capsules, zip bags, envelopes) that cost about 20 USD/EUR.


During the study you will also have to complete a set of tests. These tests are a mix of psychometric questionnaires about your well-being and interactive online games to measure cognitive performance. The dosing period of the experiment lasts 4 weeks and there are two testing sessions every week, each session takes 10-15 minutes to complete. In addition, before, after and one month after dosing period you have to complete an other set of tests, taking about 25 minutes each time. It is highly recommended that you carefully read the manual and consider the time commitment before signing up.


After completing the study, you may request a personalized report where you can see your cognitive performance results under microdosing and placebo conditions. The option to request the report will be provided on the last questionnaire.


All obtained data is anonymous, we will not collect your IP address and no personally identifying information will be collected. No data will be shared outside of our academic team.


Signing up for the study does not oblige you to complete it. You can withdraw from the study at any time by clicking “Withdraw from study” in any of the e-mails you receive from us, and here you may also request your data to be discarded at any point.


If this study shows positive results, then it will be used to apply for funding at medical and scientific agencies. Therefore, it is hoped that this study is the first step on a long road towards establishing the possible role of microdosing in science and medicine.


If you wish to participate click here to enroll in the study.  proceed to sign-up.. 

We greatly appreciate the time you dedicate to this project!


Imperial College - Beckley foundation self-blinding microdose study team:

David Erritzoe

Balazs Szigeti

Amanda Fielding

Robin Carhart-Harris

David Nutt