Future studies

We have a number of plans for future of self-blinding studies:



  1. We will launch a new, global self-blinding microdose study 2.0 in 2022 using the mobile platform Mydelica. MyDelica is a science-backed digital psychedelic healthcare solution, addressing mental wellness.
  2. We will start a lab based version of the study in Q4 of 2021. For this study, we will see participants in person for certain experiments, thus it will be only open to people in / near London. If you live there and interested, you can register your interest by dropping us a mail.
  3. In the medium/long term, we have plans to make a general self-blinding platform, that can be used to run all sorts of self-blinded citizen science experiments. Think CBD oil, nootropics and the like. If you would be interested to contribute to this platform in any capacity, please get in touch.