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We are published!

Results of the self-blinding microdose study are now published in the scientific journal eLife! You can access the original research paper here (open access) and the press release.

The self-blinding microdose project was an innovative study examining the relationship between the placebo effect and psychedelics microdosing. It used a novel methodology, ‘self-blinding’, which enables citizen scientists to incorporate placebo control into their self-experimentation without clinical supervision.

This novel methodology has 3 major benefits: it decentralizes research, thus, enabling global participation; decreases costs; and enables to conduct placebo-controlled research in real-life setting, removing the artificialities of clinical trials.

The study significantly increased our understanding of the relation between the placebo effect and psychedelics microdosing, while also demonstrating the power of the self-blinding methodology: the costs were 1-3% of a clinical trial, while (in terms of sample size) this is the largest placebo-controlled study on psychedelics in history!

To learn more, please see the research paper, listen to our talks or read the media coverage: